The Divorce Settlement

Once upon a time,   you and I were happily married. We lived in a fine home in the rolling Palouse hills outside of Pullman, Washington. We also had a really fast and fun car, a huge boat, and a wonderful dog.

Now, as sad as it is, we must get a divorce. You cheated on me, but I hold some of the responsibility for that action because I stopped paying attention to you. So, I harbor no ill will towards you.

Since we are divorcing by mutual agreement, we have agreed to attempt to reach an out-of-court settlement. In order to reach a fair settlement, we know that we must divide the house, car, boat, and dog in such a way that both of us get equal shares.

How can we reach a fair division of our assets? Is it possible to reach a settlement in which neither of us would be happier with what the other gets? Is there any division that is the best?

Let's look at a way to an equitable settlement.