Problem 5

In this problem, you are given two points.   You are asked to find an equation of the line through the given two points.

Notice that the two points are abstract since no numerical value is given for h.   Your answers will have x, y, and h in them, so each equation will be a formula for the equation of a line.   What this means is that if you're given a numerical value for h, then you can write the equation of the line from the formula.

The first thing you'll need to do is find the slope of the line that passes through the two points.

Note: When you give a new incorrect answer, a hint will become available (watch for the bottom button to say "Hint Available").   You must take a new guess at the answer (since the last time you did a "Check It") for a hint to become available.   Clicking that button when it says "Hint Available" will give you a hint toward the solution.   Following the hints will lead you to the solution.

Refer to "Theory of Lines" if you don't know the forms of equations of lines.

Refer to the "Instructions" if you don't know how to enter your answers.

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