Study Abstract

This tutorial will lead you through the process of writing down the equation of a line given various data such as a point and a slope or two points.

First, you will take an entry test to show yourself how skilled you already are at writing equations of lines. If you do well on this entry test, then you don't need to be tutored in how to write equations of lines. If you don't do so well, then you'll benefit from this tutorial.

Second, you'll be presented with some problems that will lead you through writing the equation of a line given certain information. Hints will be made available to you as you make errors while trying to find the equation of a line. The hints are the tutorial part and are intended to lead you to the answer.

Third, retake the entry test to see how your skills have improved. You should do better on the test this time around.

Finally, you will take an exit test to show yourself how you have improved your ability to find equations of lines.

Note that there is a quick synopsis about the theory of lines accessbile by clicking the "Theory of Lines" button to the left.

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Creator: CJ Kentler
V.S. Manoranjan
Washington State University
Department of Mathematics
Pullman, Wa. 99164-3113