COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics Education Seminar - Spring 2019

Welcome to the Mathematics Education Seminar website!

The Mathematics Education Seminar is a joint venture between folks at Washington State University and the University of Idaho. This semester, William Hall (WSU) and Rob Ely (UofI) will be co-organizing the seminar. Here you will find our weekly schedule and links to our readings. We meet 4:00-5:00pm every Tuesday afternoon at either Daily Grind (230 E Main St., Pullman, WA) or One World Cafe (533 S Main St., Moscow, ID). Please email William Hall ( if you would like to be added to the weekly mailing list for reminders and readings.

Date Location Reading/Topic Discussion Leader
1/8/19 Daily Grind Organizational Meeting N/A
1/15/19 One World Identity in Research on Mathematics Education - Langer-Osuna & Esmonde (2017) Annaliese Nielsen
1/22/19 Daily Grind Mathematical Micro-Identities: Moment-to-Moment Positioning and Learning in a Fourth-Grade Classroom - Wood (2016) John Pawlina
1/29/19 One World Technology for Learning Mathematics - Roschelle, Noss, Blikstein, & Jackiw (2017) Robin Williams
2/5/19 Daily Grind Better to be frustrated than bored: The incidence, persistence, and impact of learners’ cognitive–affective states during interactions with three different computer-based learning environments - Baker et al. (2010) Deanna Vining
2/12/19 One World Understanding the Concepts of Calculus: Frameworks and Roadmaps Emerging From Educational Research - Larsen, Marrongelle, Bressoud, & Graham (2017) William Hall
2/19/19 Daily Grind The Impact of Instructor and Institutional Factors on Students’ Attitudes - Sonnert & Sadler (2015) Robin Williams
2/26/19 One World Cancelled N/A
3/5/19 Daily Grind Review draft of manuscript concerning the influence of language on student understanding of integrals William Hall
3/12/19 N/A Spring Break - No Seminar N/A
3/19/19 One World Variation, Covariation, and Functions: Foundational Ways of Thinking Mathematically - Thompson & Carlson (2017) Rob Ely
3/26/19 Daily Grind Quantifying exponential growth: Three conceptual shifts in coordinating multiplicative and additive growth - Ellis et al (2015) Daniel Reiss
4/2/19 One World Splitting, Covariation, and Their Role in the Development of Exponential Functions - Confrey & Smith (1995) William Hall
4/9/19 Daily Grind Post-Calculus Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education - Rasmussen & Wawro (2017) John Pawlina
4/16/19 One World Mental constructions in linear algebra - Oktac (2019) John Pawlina
4/23/19 Daily Grind TBA TBA