COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics Education Seminar - 2018

Welcome to the Mathematics Education Seminar website!

The Mathematics Education Seminar is a joint venture between folks at Washington State University and the University of Idaho. This semester, William Hall (WSU) and Rob Ely (UofI) will be co-organizing the seminar. Here you will find our weekly schedule and links to our readings. We meet 4:30-5:30pm every Tuesday afternoon at either Daily Grind (230 E Main St., Pullman, WA) or One World Cafe (533 S Main St., Moscow, ID). Please email William Hall ( if you would like to be added to the weekly mailing list for reminders and readings.

Date Location Reading/Topic Discussion Leader


Daily Grind, Pullman None - Organizational Meeting Will & Rob


One World Cafe, Moscow Prototype images in mathematics education: The case of the graphical representation of the definite integral - Jones (2018) Rob Ely


Daily Grind, Pullman Presentation of Pilot Study Data Ralph Chikhany


Daily Grind, Pullman Examining Early algebraic thinking: Insights from empirical data - Chimoni, Pitta-Pantazi, & Christou (2018) Annelise Nielsen


One World Cafe, Moscow Creating a Proof Error Evaluation Tool for Use in the Grading of Student-Generated "Proofs" - Lane (2009) Deanna Vining


Daily Grind, Pullman Personal, Expository, Critical, and Creative: Using Writing in Mathematics Courses - Braun (2014) William Hall


One World Cafe, Moscow Three Interpretations of the Matrix Equation Ax=b - Larson & Zandieh (2013) Ralph Chikhany


Daily Grind, Pullman On Relative and Absolute Conviction in Mathematics - Weber & Meija-Ramos (2015) Libby Knott


One World Cafe, Moscow The Torpedo's Shock - Ely [draft] Rob Ely


Daily Grind, Pullman The Language of Learning Mathematics: A Multimodal Perspective - O'Halloran (2015) William Hall


One World Cafe, Moscow Definite Integral Registers Using Infinitesimals - Ely (2017) Rob Ely


Daily Grind, Pullman On Painter’s Paradox: Contextual and Mathematical Approaches to Infinity - Wijeratne & Zazkis (2015) Ralph Chikhany


One World Cafe, Moscow Proof schemes combined: Mapping secondary students’ multi-faceted and evolving first encounters with mathematical proof - Kannelos, Nardi, & Biza (2018) Annelise Nielsen


Daily Grind, Pullman Dissertation Research Presentation Silvia Madrid


One World Cafe, Moscow Relationships Between Ability, Belief and Achievement in Remedial College Mathematics Classrooms - Stage & Kloosterman (1991) Deanna Vining