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Postscript (.ps) files - how to read and print them

On the command line type:


This will open the file in ghostview which will allow you to read and print postscript (.ps) files. Ghostview is on all the Linux RedHat machines.

"Sometimes" the above method "doesn't" work. If it doesn't, open the file and make sure the topmost line is the following:


Then print it with the following command:

lpr -Phpr1 your filename (substitute the correct printer for hpr1)

Make a .ps file into a .pdf file with ps2pdf

A Linux machine can read a postscript file by using ghostview but Windows machines are unable to read .ps files. You can convert a postscript file to .pdf so that a Windows machine can read it through Acrobat Reader. To do so, use the following command:

ps2pdf (filename).ps (filename).pdf

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