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4 Basic Commands and Hints

Here are some hints and easy commands to get you started. You can find more advanced commands in the User's Manual.

  1. Graphics

    Do NOT use psfig.sty to support your graphics. It is old, and not supported by LaTeX2HTML. Instead, use graphics.sty or graphicx.sty, both of which are locally available.

  2. documentclass

    Do NOT use the command \documentstyle in your input file. Instead use the LaTeX2e command \documentclass. For more information, read the tutorial.tex file which created this document.

  3. Links

    A normal HTML link can be made using the command htmladdnormallink. The following command created the link in the first paragraph of this section:

  4. HTML only

    To include text in the HTML version only (and not the .ps version), use the following command:

  5. LaTeX only

    To include text2 in the .ps version only, use the following command:

  6. Background color

    The following command will set the background color to white in the HTML document:

    bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" link="#0000FF" vlink="#FF0000"
  7. Transparent Images

    There is a bug in Netscape 3.0 which affects people who use black and white monitors (like the ones in the Newton Lab) to view HTML pages. A document created in LaTeX2HTML with the normal settings will have a very undesirable feature for these people: all math mode equations, like tex2html_wrap_inline156, will show up as solid black boxes. To work around this, I recommend that you set the background color to white (see previous item), and place the following lines in your .latex2html-init file:

    $GIFTRANS = 0;
    $USENETPBM = 0;

Created by Andy Felt

Department of Mathematics
Washington State University

Wed Oct 22 12:49:37 PDT 1997