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3 Running the Example

This document was created with LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML, so it's a good one to practice on. At the publishing time of this document, you must be on theta to run LaTeX2HTML. Copy the source code to your current directory by executing the following command:

cp /usr1/helpdesk/latex2html/tutorial.tex .

If you've changed your .login file and have not logged out since, you'll have to type:

source tex2html_wrap_inline148/.login

Now, run LaTeX on the file tutorial.tex. Note that LaTeX2HTML requires the *.aux file, so this is a necessary step.

Run LaTeX2HTML on tutorial.tex by typing:

latex2html tutorial

(Note: if you set the alias, you may use l2h tutorial.) Afterwards, you should have a new directory called tutorial in your current working directory. The directory tutorial should contain a lot of files - the output from LaTeX2HTML.

In the Netscape browser, choose the File menu, and Open File... selection. In the File Open dialog box, manuver into the tutorial directory, and open the file tutorial.html. You will see the results of the LaTeX2HTML program.

You may want to experiment a little by changing some settings in your .latex2html-init file.

Created by Andy Felt

Department of Mathematics
Washington State University

Wed Oct 22 12:49:37 PDT 1997