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2 Setting Yourself Up to Run LaTeX2HTML

Before running LaTeX2HTML, you should do a few things to set up your environment.

  1. Copy the file dot.latex2html-init to your home directory, and rename it to .latex2html-init by executing the following commands from the command prompt:

    cd /usr1/helpdesk/bin/latex2html/latex2html-96.1

    cp dot.latex2html-init tex2html_wrap_inline148/

    mv tex2html_wrap_inline148/dot.latex2html-init tex2html_wrap_inline148/.latex2html-init

    If you like, you may customize your usage of LaTeX2HTML by changing the settings in this file. Doing so will override the default settings of the program.

  2. Be sure your .login file has the following line:

    setenv TEXINPUTS .:/usr/local/lib/texmf//:/usr/local/lib/base/

    This will enable LaTeX to find the additional style files you will be using.

  3. A suggestion only: while you are in your .login file, you may want to add a line like

    alias l2h "latex2html"

    With this line in your .login file, you can avoid typing latex2html to run the program, and instead just type l2h.

Created by Andy Felt

Department of Mathematics
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Wed Oct 22 12:49:37 PDT 1997