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4 Special Packages

There are a number of special packages we have in our LaTeX distribution. Some are listed here. There is also a list of documentation for nearly all the packages in our distribution. If you wish to use a package, and we don't have it, contact the helpdesk. Some packages of special interest are:

  1. Exam class. A great package of commands for creating exams.
  2. Foiltex class. For creating overhead transparencies. (Or use document class slides.)
  3. Algorithms package. Two special environments for typesetting computer language algorithms.
  4. Schedule package. Easy way to make a weekly class schedule for outside your door.
  5. HTML package. For use with the LaTeX2HTML program.

Created by: Andy Felt

Department of Mathematics
Washington State University

Wed Oct 21 13:41:40 PDT 1998