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David Wollkind

Professor Emeritus
Neill 211
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Comprehensive Applied Mathematical Modeling in the Natural and Engineering Sciences
Theoretical Predictions Compared with Data
- by David J. Wollkind and Bonni J. Dichone (2018)
  • Provides an emphasis on the formulation and validation mappings of comprehensive applied mathematical modeling
  • Includes a concentration on the simplification procedures required to make prospective models
  • Can be used as a valuable textbook or reference

Book Errata Here

Given Lee Segel’s (mentioned prominently in the preface) adage, “Although there can only be a finite number of typographical errors in the proofs of a publication, it takes an infinite amount of time to find them all," errata will be listed below with corrections of typographical errors highlighted in red.

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SIAM Pacific Northwest Section Meeting - October 18-20, 2019
Seattle University hosted the 2nd biennial meeting of SIAM Pacific NW Section on October 18-20, 2019. The conference brought together Pacific Northwest applied mathematics in academia, national labs and industry. Professor Wollkind gave a talk on Fluid Mechanics: Systems and Models. This work has been published in Involve - a journal of mathematics, vol 12, no. 7 2019 (or you may click here).
Math 440/540
Math 315 - Fall 2013

In 2015 Dr. Wollkind received the second annual ASWSU Cougar Award given on behalf of the ASWSU students to recognize one individual from WSU who has made a positive impact on the WSU-Pullman community.

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