Call for papers for the



On the Occasion of the Workshop

Nonnegative Matrix Theory: Generalizations and Applications

(American Institute of Mathematics)

We invite papers in nonnegative matrix theory inspired by the themes of the workshop. These include, but are not limited to, spectral properties of nonnegative matrices and operators, inverse eigenvalue problems for nonnegative matrices, properties and patterns of eventually nonnegative matrices, cone and exponential nonnegativity, as well as matrices in max algebra.

Publication of papers will be immediate, following review and acceptance according to the standard policies of ELA. Papers should be prepared according to the journal guidelines found on ELA's main page and can be submitted to any one of the special editors:

Judith McDonald
Hans Schneider
Michael Tsatsomeros

Answers to two frequently asked questions:

  • You need not have been a participant in order to submit a paper to this volume.
    All papers consistent with the above call are welcome.

  • We have not set any formal deadline for submission of papers to this volume.
    We expect it to remain open until the end of 2010.