If you took Math 201 from WSU, you were probably required to use MyMathLab in that course. It's a homework help/learning system that our text's publisher (Pearson) provides, at extra cost. In Remaley's Math 202 class this semester, you are again required to use MyMathLab. MyMathLab registration instructions can be found by going to pearsonmylabandmastering.com and clicking on Students > Get Registered.  The course ID for this course is remaley82516. After you enter the course ID, you'll have two options:

  Sign In With Your Pearson Account

  Create a Pearson Account

If you already used MyMathLab for Math 201 (or if you have a Pearson account for some other course you took or are taking), use that username and password to sign in. If you need to create a Pearson account, select Create, fill in all the info, then hit Create Account. If the system thinks you need to pay, then you'll see two options:

  Use an Access Code

  Use a Credit Card or PayPal

If you need to pay or you have purchased an access code, then choose the appropriate option and proceed. Note that below the two options mentioned above, there is a third option: Get temporary access without payment for 14 days. You can use this if you can't pay right away. If you choose that option, you'll need to turn it into a permanent subscription before the end of the 14 days.

If you already paid for MyMathLab in a course that used our textbook (e.g. WSU Math 201), and you are prompted to pay for access, email Remaley at remaley@math.wsu.edu and let him know.

Note that MyMathLab access will also give you access to the electronic version of our textbook, under Chapter Contents.