I enjoy working with students on research, and consider it a critical part of my duties as a faculty member. I work with both graduate and undergraduate students. I strive to help my student develop a broad array of skills with their career objectives in mind (be it a job in industry/research/teaching, or pursuing graduate studies for undergraduate students).

PhD Students

Other PhD Students I've worked closely with

MS Students of Note

I can work with graduate students based in the Vancouver or the Pullman campus of WSU (funding could be available for qualified students at either location). Please contact me to find out more.

Undergraduate Students
Chris Deutsch (BioChem major,2008)     PhD student at Portland State U.
Natalie Baerlocher (Math major,2008)     MS in OR, UNC, 2010
Joshua Cruz (Math major,2013)     PhD student at Duke U.
Philip Behrend (Math major,2016)     Microsoft
      See my CV for a complete list.

I typically do not support students outside of WSU (in particular, international students) for "summer internships". Please do not write to me with such requests.

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