Courses Taught

Solutions to most homework, exam, and computing problems should be accessible from the page for each course. Contact me if you are interested in any files that have their access restricted.
*lec*  : Scribes from all lectures (i.e., lecture notes) are available.
*vid*  : Videos from all lectures (captured using Tegrity) are available.

Math 201 - Finite Mathematics (undergraduate Business and Econ majors) -- retired hurt!
*vid*   *lec*   Math 220 - Introduction to Linear Algebra (undergraduate) -- in progress
*lec*   Math 230 - Honors Linear Algebra (undergraduate)  
*vid*   *lec*   Math 364 - Principles of Optimization (undergraduate) -- in progress
*lec*   Math 464 - Linear Optimization (beginning graduate/senior undergraduate)
Math 466/566 - Network Optimization (graduate level)   -- in progress
*lec*   Math 567 - Integer and Combinatrial optimization (graduate level)  
Math 574 - Optimization in Computational Biology    (topics course - graduate level)
*lec*   Math 574 - Introduction to Computational Topology    (topics course - graduate level)
Math 581 - Image and Data Analysis (topics course - graduate level)   -- taught one-third of the course

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