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Producing letters is simple with LATEX. To do this you use the document style letter. You can make any number of letters with a single input file. Your name and address, which are likely to be the same for all letters, are given once at the top of the file. Each letter is produced by a letter environment, having the name and address of the recipient as its argument. The letter itself begins with an \opening command to generate the salutation.

The letter ends with a \closing command, you can use the commands \encl and \cc to generate lists of enclosures and people to whom you are sending copies. Any text that follows the \closing must be proceeded by a \ps command. This command produces no text--you'll have to type ``P.S.'' yourself--but is needed to format the additional text correctly.

Perhaps an example will make this clearer:


\address{1234 Avenue of the Armadillos \\
         Gnu York, G.Y. 56789}
\signature{R. (Ma) Dillo \\ Director of Cuisine}

\begin{letter}{G. Natheniel Picking \\
               Acme Exterminators \\

\opening{Dear Nat,}

I'm afraid that the armadillo problem is still with us.
I did everything ...

... and I hope that you can get rid of the nasty
beasts this time.

\closing{Best Regards,}
\cc{Jimmy Carter\\Richard M. Nixon}


Kevin Cooper 2002-03-01