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Most documents have a title. To title a LATEX document, you include the following commands in your document, usually just after begin{document}.

\title{required title}
\author{required author}
\date{required date}
If there are several authors, then their names should be separated by \and; they can also be separated by \\ if you want them to be centred on different lines. If the \date command is left out, then the current date will be printed.
\begin{verbatim}\title{Essential \LaTeX}
\author{J War...
...\hspace{1em}A N Other\\ [2ex]
14th February 1988

The exact appearance of the title varies depending on the document style. In styles report and book the title appears on a page of its own. In the article style it normally appears at the top of the first page, the style option titlepage will alter this (see Section 4).

Kevin Cooper 2002-03-01