Department of Mathematics

Math 300: Mathematical Computing

Assignment 3

This assignment involves trying to duplicate the page displayed in this image. The page is rendered in HTML5 with MathML. The page uses a CSS style sheet, or you can put your styles inside <style> tags if you prefer. Note that the headings in the gray bar turn yellow when you mouse over them. Pay careful attention to details of fonts, and spacing within equations. Other spacing issues are less important, and remember that the width of lines of text is strongly dependent on the browser - don't worry about that. The image is in the public domain, and is available at Wikipedia - you can click the image.

Be sure to link the image directly - do not download it to your site.

Note that the <mover> tag should be useful at one point, and we used <mroot> to make the cube root.

This assignment is worth 55 points, and is due at 9:00 AM on Thursday, 14 September. Mail the completed HTML5 page and your style sheet, if you used one, to the instructor - do not leave them on your public directory.

A solution for the final is available.

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