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Writing to a File

What does it do? You can easily imagine that it is tedious to have to type in complicated equations and to arrange interesting displays of the graphics. You will usually want to save your work so that you can pick up where you left off. How do I use it? You may write save your work in a file using the following steps.

  1. Using either the mouse or the keyboard, select the File menu;
  2. Select the Save As item from the menu.
  3. A dialog box will appear, prompting you for the name of the file you want to write. If you want to create a new file, simply type in its name in the text box at the upper left of the dialog box. If you are writing over an existing file, the program will prompt you to make sure that you want to do this. DynaSys data files typically have a .dse extension.
  4. Press the OK button.

Once you have saved your work in a file, you may rewrite that file at any time by choosing the Save item from the File menu. Doing so avoids all of the tedium of dealing with the 'Save As' dialog box. The latter procedure also works when you read the current setup from a file.

Kevin Cooper
Wed Sep 30 15:21:52 PDT 1998