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Equilibrium Points

What does it do? The program can compute equilibrium points of any equations, and can compute the eigenvalues and stability type of the equilibria of two dimensional equations.

How do I use it? To compute a single equilibrium point, choose an initial condition using either the right mouse button for a 2-d plot, or the initial conditions dialog box for any plotting display. Then, select the Find 1 Equilibrium item from the Points/Curves menu.

If you want to change details of the display of the points such as the position (or existence) of the label, the color, or the shape, you may do so by selecting the Modify Appearance item from the Points/Curves menu. In the dialog box that appears, you may click any button corresponding to the feature you wish to change. This toggles the attribute to the next selection. For example, clicking the Text Pos. button causes the position of the text label for the point to shift from the lower right of the point to the upper right. Clicking again would change the position to the upper left. If you continue clicking, eventually you come back where you started.

Details of the equilibrium points found may be displayed on the screen using an equilibrium text display.

What are the defaults? When they are initially created for a two-dimensional system, the points are immediately classified and displayed according to stability type.

The points are also colored according to stability. You may change all of these features of appearance manually as described above.

Kevin Cooper
Wed Sep 30 15:21:52 PDT 1998