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Suppose that you want to display iterations of the logistic map tex2html_wrap_inline227. The first thing to do is to type the definition into the equation dialog box. You type x=mu*x*(1-x). When you close the equation box, DynaSys produces a default display. You should double-click that with the left mouse button to bring up the display dialog box. In that dialog you change the display rectangle to e.g. (0,100)x(0,1), assuming that t is the variable on the horizontal axis and x is that on the vertical axis. Next, you should use the parameter dialog box to set the value for the parameter tex2html_wrap_inline229. After closing the dialog box, you may double-click the display using the right mouse button to start an orbit of the iteration.

You might choose to let the first 20 iterates go unplotted, so as to see only the equilibria and periodic points of the map. To do that, change the display bounds to (21,100)x(0,1), and then select the Algorithm Controls item on the Numerics menu.

Kevin Cooper
Wed Sep 30 15:21:52 PDT 1998