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For example, suppose that you have defined the equations
Suppose that the current initial condition is the default: x(0)=0, y(0)=0, and z(0)=0. Finally, suppose that you are using a display rectangle that shows the plots restricted to the variables x and y. When you click the right mouse button at the point (1,1), then you set the new initial conditions to x(0)=1, y(0)=1, and z(0)=0. When you click the 'Compute Orbit' button, the program computes the orbit that starts from point (1,1,0), and then draws the projection of that orbit into the x - y plane. If you now double-click the point (2,2) on the plot, then the initial conditions become x(0)=2, y(0)=2, and z(0)=0, and the program immediately computes the orbit that passes through (2,2,0) and draws its projection on the current display.

Kevin Cooper
Wed Sep 30 15:21:52 PDT 1998