COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

On-Line Computing Help

This page is provided by systems staff for on-line help documentation. Information will be modified periodically, and should remain more up-to-date than corresponding paper documentation. Help topics are listed below. Many of the features and commands described on these pages are common to all UNIX shells, but since the C-shell is the one primarily used in the department, we do not distinguish between commands in UNIX and commands peculiar to the C-shell.

* Aliases
* Command Shortcuts
* Compiling programs
* Converting File Formats
* Department Forms - for download
Travel Expense Voucher

* Diff - comparing the difference in files
* .docx - converting to Open Document format
* Editors
Vi Editor
Emacs Editor

* Email
Department Distribution Lists
Forward your email
Vacation email message - how to create one

* Environment Variables and the .cshrc file
* .eps files - how to print them
* Files - working with them
* Find a file
* Latex and Tex
* LaTeX2HTML tutorial
* Prosper: a package for making "powerpoint" style slides using LaTeX.
* LaTeX2HTML help manual (more info than the tutorial)
* Math Portal - using it
* MatLab - print from it
* Man Pages
* PDF Files - creating them from a Microsoft Word document
* PDF Files - reading them using Mozilla
* Postscript (.ps) files - read and print them
* Projector - connecting a laptop to the projector in Webster 11
* Samba
* Skype for Business
* Tar
* Unix Commands
*X Windows - running applications remotely
* Web pages - why you need to make a welcome.html page in a web directory