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Web pages - why you need a welcome.html page in a web directory

We recommend that you make a welcome.html page within a web page directory. Doing so will eliminate a display of that directory, and all of its files, on the web. For example, if you are teaching a course (lets call it Math107) and want to make a web page for it, make a directory called Math107. Within that directory, make a welcome.html page which will be the main page for the Math107 course. Put any links (homework assignments, etc.) on that welcome.html page.

If you don't have a file called welcome.html within a directory, you will want to create one and link it to the page that "acts" as a welcome.html page.

To do so, you will want to:

  1. Copy the file (that "acts" as the welcome.html page) into a welcome.html file within that directory.
  2. Make a link from the "acting" file to the new welcome.html file. You need to be in the directory in which the files are located when you make this link.

    ln -s     acting file    welcome.html

Why should a link be made rather than just copying the acting file into an welcome.html file? Without a link, you will make changes/updates to the acting file which won't be transferred to the welcome.html page. Creating a link allows both pages to be automatically updated at the same time.
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