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Skype for Business (SfB) at WSU

To Ensure Success
  • Please make sure you have read the page before your first Skype for Business (SfB) meeting so you know how it works, because the following information is not comprehensive.
  • If you would like to run a test before that first meeting, please send an email to and we will be happy to arrange one.
General information
  • Skype for Business and Skype are two incompatible products.
  • Outlook 2013 requires that a Skype for Business add-on be installed. If you are using Outlook 2013 on a WSU computer, please see systems personnel for help installing it.
  • Outlook 2016 automatically includes Skype for Business.
  • Student/Home versions of Office 365 do not include Skype for Business.
  • WSU faculty and staff may purchase Office Professional Plus 2016 (which includes Skype for Business) for $15.30 for use on their personal computers. Log into MyWSU -> Main Menu -> General Links -> Tech Store -> Personal Purchases -> Microsoft -> Microsoft Imagine -> and follow the prompts.
  • Test audio in Skype for Business on your laptop before a meeting - Skype for Business -> Tools -> Options -> Audio Device -> click on the "Check Call Quality" button. If you don't hear anything, make sure the laptop sound is enabled.
Initiate a meeting

You will need to have a WSU email address, be using either Outlook 2013 that has SfB installed on it (see systems personnel for help), or Office 2016 (which automatically includes SfB), in order to pre-schedule a meeting.

Option 1 - Set up a meeting using Outlook (this pre-schedules a meeting)
  • Open Outlook -> click on the calendar icon (bottom left) -> select New Skype Meeting (the meeting link, phone number and conference ID number are automatically added to the body of the email) -> adjust the date, start, and stop times -> add participant email addresses to whom you will send the email -> send the email.
Option 2 - Set up a meeting using Skype for Business (this pre-schedules a meeting)
  • Create a group - create a group that includes the people you will be inviting. Left-click on the person+ icon on the right -> select "Create a New Group" and assign a name to the group -> add participants by searching for their name > right-click on their name -> select "Add to Contacts List" and select the name of the group. Add all participant names joining the meeting.
  • Schedule the meeting - right-click on a group name -> select "Schedule Meeting." An email message will automatically appear in Outlook that will be addressed to all members in the group -> make sure you select "Skype Meeting" at the top of the menu.
  • Now you will see that a "Join Skype Meeting Link", "Join by Phone number", and a "Conference ID number" (for the phone) have been automatically added to the body of the email.
  • Set the meeting date, start, and stop times.
  • Add more people - you may add more email addresses if you want more participants to join the meeting.
Option 3 - Use Meet Now (this sets up an instant "on-the-fly" meeting)

This is used for an on-the-spot meeting and doesn't pre-schedule a meeting.

  • Log into SfB using your WSU email address and password.
  • Click on the cog wheel to the right of the screen and select "Show Menu Bar" (this is done just once to display "Meet Now" at the top of the screen).
  • Click on "Meet Now"
  • A "Join Meeting Audio" window will appear with the radio-button, "Use Skype for Business (full audio and video experience)" pre-selected. Press OK.
  • Click on the person+ icon on the top right of the screen to add individuals from one of your groups to the meeting, or type their email address into the search bar to find and add them.
Join a meeting
Option 1 - you have received a link through an email message
  • If you are using your laptop: before joining a faculty meeting, make sure you are in a location with a strong wireless signal. If you find that you don't have a strong signal, consider joining by phone. The email you received will contain a link to join the SfB meeting.
Option 2 - by phone
  • How may I join by phone? You won't be able to call in and join a meeting until someone has first joined by computer, which activates the meeting. Once that has occurred you may dial 335-2277 and follow the prompts. Please read the page for more information.

  • Option 3 - non-WSU employees (or individuals who wish to join using a browser instead of SfB) - will receive an email link to click on, which will install a SfB Web App
    • This is useful for non-WSU individuals who wish to join a WSU meeting or for individuals who prefer to join using a browser instead of SfB.
      IMPORTANT: Web App participants must use Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Chrome. The Web App will not work on Linux, Chromebooks, or Windows RT. Users will be prompted to download and install the Web App plug-in. For help with Web App instructions, download the skype-for-business-general-instructions.pdf file, scroll to page 2 and read "Skype for Business Web App (for non-WSU users)."