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PCs and UNIX

The Mathematics Department runs a package on delta called Samba, that allows PC computers running Microsoft Windows to mount a UNIX directory as a separate disk. This allows the user to examine and edit UNIX files directly from his/her PC. The only UNIX machine that runs Samba at present is delta.

Network Setup

In order to mount UNIX drives, or indeed, to use the network at all, one must set up the PC with the proper addresses and names. Do not attempt to do this if you are unsure of yourself. Most machines have been set up by systems personnel, so the parameters should be correct. If you have doubts, contact systems personnel.

To set network parameters on a Windows 95 machine, open the Control Panel, and then double-click the Network icon. Find the TCP/IP protocol line in the list box, and click that. Then click the Properties button near the bottom. A new window will appear, where you may set network parameters. In Windows for Workgroups, you must go to the Network program group, and click Network Setup. A dialog box will appear in which you may set the network parameters. Again, click TCP/IP, and the click the "modify" button. In either situation, the parameters should be set as follows.

IP address and machine  Should be set correctly already.  If not,       
name:                   consult systems personnel.                      

DNS configuration:,                    

DNS domain:                                       

WinS Servers: ,                        


Subnet Mask:                                     

Windows Network Name:   WSUMATH                                         

Mounting a UNIX file system

To mount a UNIX directory from Windows 95, first start the Windows Explorer. Go to the Tools menu, and select the "Map Network Drive" item. A dialog box similar to that below will appear prompting you for the letter by which you want to designate the directory mounted, and the Windows path to the directory. Ignore the drive letter - Windows is good at selecting a letter. Click the second box, and type a path of the form given below, substituting your userid for the one given

This, of course, means to log onto the delta computer as user userid, and mount the home directory as the drive E:. If you wish to mount the drive whenever you boot your PC, you may click the check box at the bottom of the dialog, labeled "Reconnect at logon". Click the OK button. The first time you do this, you will be prompted for your password. Windows seems to memorize the password, so henceforth you will not need to enter the password.

Once the directory is mounted, you should be able to read to and from your UNIX directory just as if it were physically on your PC. You may store Windows applications on your UNIX directory, and still run them from your PC. You will no longer need to run FTP to transfer files to and from your UNIX account.

To mount a UNIX file system from Windows for Workgroups, find the "Main" program group, and start the File Manager that resides there. Open the "Disk" menu and click the "Connect Network Drive" item within it. A dialog box will appear prompting you for the drive to be mounted. Again enter the path \\delta\userid as above, and click OK. There is again a check box that allows you to connect the drive at startup (every time you boot the machine).

For any of these operations, you must be logged on to your computer. It is not necessary to log on to the NT server, but you may not gain access to Samba without a password.

Samba services on UNIX

The services available from a UNIX computer are much more limited, compared with those for a PC. There are several commands that may be used specifically on delta, that permit one to see what services are available, and to gain access to a PC disk akin to that provided by FTP. In particular, consult the man page for the command smbclient on delta. This is the main command that gives access to PC disks.

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