COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

PhD in Statistical Science - new - fall 2018

The Ph.D. in Statistical Science program is meant to give students both a strong background in statistics and a working knowledge in a secondary field. Applicants are expected to have a B.S. in statistics, mathematics, or a similar field with courses taken in probability theory and mathematical statistics/statistical theory. Core and elective courses offered through the Department of Mathematics & Statistics are taken in addition to classes from a partnering allied department, such as biology, economics, education, mathematics, or psychology. At least one member of a student’s committee is encouraged to be from the appropriate allied department in the student’s field of research. This creates an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to teach students to develop new statistical methods to solve real life problems that arise in their chosen area of concentration. For more information please contact Emily Lewis, the graduate coordinator. The departmental Graduate Handbook is currently being updated to reflect this new degree.