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Mathematical Biology Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Smith Ctr for Undergrad Education (CUE) Room 316
Tuesday 4:10 - 5:00 PM

Spring 2018 Schedule

Speaker and Title
January 9
Organizational meeting
January 16 No Seminar
January 23
Richard Gomulkiewicz (School of Biological Sciences)
How much does evolution delay extinction when it cannot be avoided?
January 30
Xueying Wang
Epidemic dynamics of cholera in non-homogeneous environments
Feburary 6
James Bull (Department of Integrative Biology, University of Texas at Austin)
Genetic Engineering and the Suppression of Pests
Feburary 13
Elissa Schwartz
Dynamics of Lentiviral Infection In Vivo in the Absence of Adaptive Immune Responses
Feburary 20
Mark Schumaker
Preliminary results on a model of viral infection with both free-virus and cell-to-cell infectivity
Feburary 27
No Seminar
March 6
Robert Dillon
Effects of dynein activation and viscosity on the emergent waveform of an elastic, internally-actuated, model flagellum
March 12 No Seminar (Spring Vacation)
March 20
Damiloa Olabode (Ph.D student in Mathematics)
Optimal control in HIV chemotherapy with termination viral loads

March 27
No Seminar
April 3

April 10
Ostrom Lecture
April  17
Svetlana Lockwood (Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health)
Deep Learning and Bioinformatics
April 24
Valipuram Manoranjan
Population Models - Nonlinearity & Diffusion