Basis of Grades

Your grade in Math 545 will be based on the following factors.

Homework 60%
Term Project 30%
Participation 10%

How to get a good participation score: Attend class regularly, especially when your classmate is the speaker. Pay attention in class, especially when your classmate is the speaker. Perhaps ask a question now and then.

How to get a bad participation score: Don't show up for class. Sleep in class. Play with your cell phone in class.

Your term project will explore a topic relevant to the numerical solution of differential equations of evolution. A good project will have a numerical component and an analysis component. Your project may also include an in-class presentation. This is optional, or perhaps I should say negotiable.

Your report should be type set using LaTeX or your favorite technology. (Please don't just copy verbatim from whatever sources you used. That would be plagiarism.) It is due on the last day of class. If you turn it in significantly before the end of the semester, I will mark it as soon as I can and return it to you. You will then have the option of turning in an improved version.

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