Basis of Grades

Your grade in Math 502 will be based on the following factors.

Homework 50%
In-class Presentation 25%
Participation 25%


I anticipate assigning homework weekly in the early part of the semester and less frequently as we get into the student presentations later in the semester.

In-class Presentation

Each student will be required to make at least one in-class presentation of 45-50 minutes on a topic relevant to Math 502. A list of topics will be provided.

Participation Score

For full participation points, attend class regularly, arrive on time, and pay attention. Maybe even ask a question now and then. I expect this to be a small class, so it is important that everybody attend regularly, as otherwise it feels like a waste of time to me. It is especially important to be there when your fellow students are presenting.

This is it!

I retire in May, so this is probably the last class I ever teach. Please help me make my final semester a memorable one!

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