Homework Assignments

Assignment 1 due Tuesday, January 26 First sample MATLAB session
Assignment 2 due Tuesday, February 9 Second MATLAB session lplcian.m
Assignment 2g due Tuesday, February 9
Assignment 3 due Tuesday, February 23 itdem.m
Assignment 3g due Tuesday, February 23
Assignment 4 due Tuesday, March 8
Assignment 4g due Tuesday, March 8
Assignment 5 due Tuesday, March 29 quadrature.m , ef.m
Assignment 5g due Tuesday, March 29
Assignment 6 due Tuesday, April 5
Assignment 7 due Tuesday, April 19 bvp.m , help7.m
Assignment 8 due Tuesday, April 26 euler.m , func.m
Assignment 8g due Tuesday, April 26
Assignment 9 due Tuesday, May 32

Students who are enrolled for graduate credit (Math 548 or CptS 530) are required to turn in Assignment 2g and other assignments with the "g" designation. Other students are welcome to work the "g" assignments for their own edification. (You may even turn them in to be corrected, but this will have no effect on your grade.)

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