National Geographic explorers recently discovered the Island of Atlantis.  Satellites indicated that the laws of physics may be different on this island and Washington State University was contacted to assemble a team of the best high school and middle school students to go on an expedition. You were chosen to go.  
It is your first day on the island and while navigating a river, you notice that there is a wild fire off the north bank of the river.  A short time later, your boat capsizes and is destroyed along with your communications equipment.  All the members of your expedition make it to the southern bank of the river, however your supplies have washed up on the northern bank of the river.  You must survive for 4 weeks until a rescue party can get to you and will need at least some of your supplies just to survive.  You estimate that the fire will consume the north side of the river in approximately 30 minutes.  This means that even though the fire cannot jump the river and harm any of your group, any supplies left on the north side of the river will be destroyed.  
Your task is to decide which supplies are the most important to retrieve and how to rescue those supplies in 30 minutes or less.  You each have a backpack, but as a result of the wreck, each of you has limited abilities.  You must plan wisely to get the supplies that you will need to survive for the next four weeks.  You are currently at point A on the map and your supplies are at points B, C, D, and E.  Any supplies you need have to be moved to point F before the fire arrives.
Step 1: (2 minutes)
- Roll the die and find the attributes for each member of your team in the chart below.
Step 2: (5 minutes)
- Calculate the maximum distance each member can cover in 30 minutes.
Step 3: (5 minutes)
 - Decide which 10 items are needed the most and how your team will get them to point F.
Step 4: (30 minutes)
 - Carry out your plan for retrieving your supplies.
Good Luck!
roll of die = Swim * Run Maximum weight carried
1 3 mph 3 mph 50 lbs
2 3 mph 6 mph 25 lbs
3 3 mph 3 mph 25 lbs
4 0 mph 6 mph 50 lbs
5 0 mph 3 mph 50 lbs
6 0 mph 6 mph 25 lbs
* Swimmers cannot carry any equipment while swimming, only runners can carry equipment.