Facilitator Directions

This activity is an optimization problem with lots of group interaction.  It is designed to have students apply the rate formula (r=d/t) to each of their group memberís tasks. The mission of the group is to move equipment from one side of a river to the other in 1/2 hour.  

Supplies Needed:



Copies of Instructions



1 Divide the class into groups of 5 or less (they do not have to be of equal size).
2 Give each student:

a. The scenario

b. A calculator

c. An equipment list

d. A map

e. Pens

3 Read the scenario and instructions aloud while the students read to themselves.
4 Have each member of the group roll a 6-sided die to determine their individual character attributes (repeats of the same attributes are allowed).  
5 After the character attributes are selected, have the students calculate the maximum distance each member can cover in 30 minutes.  They will have 5 minutes for this activity.
6 After 5 minutes have lapsed, direct their attention to the equipment list and explain that they now need to decide which ten pieces of equipment they feel are the most important and who will retrieve the items.  They will have 5 minutes for this activity.
7 After the second 5 minutes have lapsed, announce to the students that they need to implement their plans to retrieve the items they decided on.   The groups now have 30 minutes to complete the challenge.
8 Help guide the students through the steps in the exercise and in using the distance formula.
9 When the 30 minutes are up, the time can be extended and the students can be encouraged to retreive more items, or each group can be asked to share what their strategy was and what they decided to save from the fire.