Equipment Wieght (lbs) Location Equipment Wieght (lbs) Location
.22 caliber pistol 5 B paper and fire starter 2 B
all weather survival suit 21 E personal hygiene products 4 B
ax 6 D personnel raft w/frame and oars 250 E
binoculars and tripod 3 C portable instrument storage 50 C
camera equipment 5 D propane heater 8 B
camp stove (multiple burners) 14 B purified water 70 D
chairs 12 E rain gear 21 E
climbing equipment 20 B rifle ammunition 19 D
complete medical kit 17 C rifles 25 D
computer system 75 D RonCo Food Dehydrator 4 D
dinosaur repellant 5 E rope 2 D
drawing equipment 6 C satellite radio (XM) 16 B
emergency beacon 6 E seismograph 27 C
emergency flares w/ flare gun 13 D shovel 4 D
expedition books and manuals 30 C sleeping bags 18 C
extra clothes 40 C table for equipment 16 D
extra fuel 8 D tarp w/frame 25 C
extra fuel for generator 20 E tent 20 B
fishing equipment 9 B unidentified physics instruments 18 B
full propane tank 35 B water purifier system 20 D
gear raft, 13' with frame 175 B waterproof maps 2 C
generator for computer system 60 C
global positioning system 3 E
guitar 5 B - All weights listed are for the combination of equipment
hammer 2 D given and cannot be separated.
journal and writing materials 1 D
large cooler w/perishable food 20 E - Some items require more than one person to carry.  The
life vests 12 B team members carrying these items will simply add their
lighting system w/ mini generator 50 D carrying capacities together.
mini camping stove 10 D
multi purpose knife set 7 C - The maximum speed that an item can be carried by  
nonperishable food items 120 C multiple people is equal to the slowest member's speed.