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Washington State University
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Phone: 509-335-3135

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A Bit About Me

I managed to finish my doctorate in physics in 1995 right here at WSU (Go Cougs!). I spent the next 13 years as a postdoc and staff member at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In 2008, I returned to WSU as an Associate Professor, but this time in the Mathematics Department!

Before all of that, I spent time hitchhiking around the country, working odd jobs and becoming a classic video game champion. I have lived in California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, and occasionally nowhere in particular. My favorite places are the empty uninhabited areas of the Great Basin and Rocky Mountains (not Colorado!). My family lines stretch back to the cultures of native America, Quebec, England, the Netherlands and Japan.

WSU Classes

Math 364 -- Principles of Optimization



H.A. Moon and T.J. Asaki, Finite Hyperplane Traversal Algorithms for 1-Dimensional L1pTV Minimization, for 0 < p1, "Computational Optimization and Applications, vol. 61(3), (2015).

Nonasymptotic Densities for Shape Reconstruction

H.A. Van Dyke, K.R. Vixie and T.J. Asaki, " Cone Monotonicity: Structure Theorem, Properties, and Comparisons to Other Notions of Monotonicity," Abstract and Applied Analysis, vol. 2013, (2013).

B. Van Dyke and T.J. Asaki, " Using QR Decomposition to Obtain a New Instance of Mesh Adaptive Direct Search with Uniformly Distributed Polling Directions," J. Optim. Theory Appl., vol. 159, pp. 805-821, (2013).

M.A. Abramson, T.J. Asaki, J.E. Dennis Jr., R. Magallanez Jr. and M.J. Sottile, " An efficient class of direct search surrogate methods for solving expensive optimization problems with CPU-time-related functions," Struct. Multidisc. Optim., vol. 45, pp. 53-64, (2012).

K.R. Vixie, K. Clawson, T.J. Asaki, G. Sandine, S.P. Morgan and B. Price, " Multiscale Flat Norm Signatures for Shapes and Images," Applied Mathematical Sciences, vol. 4, no. 14, pp. 667-680, (2010).

T.J. Asaki, " Quantitative Abel Tomography Robust to Noisy, Corrupted and Missing Data," Optim. Eng., vol. 11, pp. 381-393, (2010).

T.J. Asaki, K.R. Vixie, M. Sottile and P. Cherepanov, "Image Denoising by Regularization on Characteristic Graphs," Applied Mathematical Sciences, vol. 4, pp. 2541-2560, (2010).

T. Le, R. Chartrand and T.J. Asaki, " A Variational Approach to Reconstructing Images Corrupted by Poisson Noise," J. Math. Imaging Vis., vol. 27, pp. 257-263, (2007).

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I like to write short human interest pieces.
I like to ask questions. Classic video game buff? Check out the entertaining documentary that includes me! Man vs Snake