Math 364 -- Principles of Optimization (Fall 2017)

Course information can be found in the Syllabus.


Quiz #3 Solutions

Quiz #4 Solutions


[Aug 31 (Th)] Questions on essential nonlinear optimization: HW01 and solutions.

[Sep 07 (Th)] Identifying LPs and thinking graphically: HW02 and solutions.

[Sep 12 (Tu)] Based on the discussion in class on Sep 07, provide a complete answer to question #3 of HW#2.

[Sep 19 (Tu)] Standard Forms and Using Octave: HW04 and Solutions. Files: myexample.m, mip.m, ShowSolution.m

[Sep 28 (Th) Modeling Problems: HW05.

Some Notes

Midterm 1

Date: Thursday, September 21.
Time: 10:35-11:50
Location: CUE 409 (usual classroom)
Material: see syllabus
Instructions: You may bring class notes or use electronic class notes.

Midterm 2

Midtern 3