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Principles of Optimization
Math 364

Important Information

The syllabus contains most of the key information for the course.


The course textbook. (Updated February 12)

We will be exploring many modeling problems during February in class. Please read one or two problems ahead of what we have completed in class.

Please consider this example of how to write acceptable homework solutions. Here is a more detailed example.

Refresher on partial derivatives.
Another refresher on partial derivatives.
Addtional practice on finding extrema of functions.
How to find eigenvalues of a matrix.
How to find the determinant of a matrix.

George Dantzig wrote a nice article on the early days of the Simplex Method for solving linear programs.


(##) [Due Date] Assignment, due in class unless otherwise specified

(01) [Mon Jan 14] (by 4 PM) Section 2, Exercises 1,2,3,4.

(02) [Tue Jan 22] Section 3, Exercises 3,4,5c,5d,6,8c,8d AND Section 4, Exercises 1,2.

(03) [Tue Jan 29] Section 4, Exercises 4,6d,6f AND Section 5, Exercises 2,3,6,7.

(04) [Tue Feb 05] Section 6, Exercises 2,3 AND Section 7, Exercises 1,2. For some of these exercises, you will need access to Matlab or Octave software. There are many options: (1) personal copy, (2) Math department software, (3) .

(05) [Tue Feb 12] Section 8, Exercises 3-8 AND Section 9, Exercises 1,5.

(06) [Tue Feb 19] Section 11, Exercises 2-5 AND Modeling Problems 4,8.

Quiz Solutions

Week 3.
Week 4.
Week 5.

Midterm Exam

Tentatively scheduled for the first week of March -- see the course syllabus for additional details.

Final Exam

The date and time are scheduled by the university -- details to follow.

Mathematics Applications in Industry and Government
Math 490

The course syllabus contains most of the key information for the course including a detailed description, expectations, student evaluation criteria, and other topics. We are also providing a document on successful collaboration which you should definitely read.

This course is jointly run as Math 492 at Lewis-Clark State College and all of our activities will be run as a single course. The Math 492 professor is Dr. Heather Moon.

Some Resources

Here is a link to Overleaf keyboard shortcuts and additional links to the Overleaf Manual and other Quick Guides such as one for LaTeX.

Here are two example problem descriptions. You can use these examples as guides when writing your own problem description.

Major Deadlines to Keep in Mind

TBD -- MathFest Abstract Submission
March 14 -- Midterm Presentations
March 28 -- Midterm Report
April 25 -- Final In-Class Presentations
July 31 to August 3 -- MathFest

Class Agenda Links

February 12
February 7
February 5
January 29
January 24
January 22

Day 1 Information

Initial Tasks Documents:
  • YWCA -- Program/Donor Data Mining
  • Hope Center -- Return on Investment
  • NPCNF -- Stream Rating Curves
  • NPCNF -- Hydrologic Event Detection
  • NPCNF -- In-Class Presentation
Here is the list of assignments to complete during the first two weeks.

Templates for your Use

LaTeX report templates.
Time sheet template and accompanying class file.


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I like to write short human interest pieces.

I like to ask questions.

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