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Sotiris Xantheas

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Sotiris Xantheas is known in the chemical physics scientific community for his research in intermolecular interactions in aqueous ionic clusters and the use of ab-initio electronic structure calculations to elucidate their structural and spectral features. His research has ranged from the computation of potential energy surfaces for various chemical reactions using correlated wavefunctions to the elucidation of reaction paths governing carbene ring opening processes and the location and characterization of intersections of potential energy surfaces of the same symmetry in polyatomic systems. He has recently utilized the results of high-level electronic structure calculations to parametrize a family of ab-initio based interaction potentials for water and used those potentials to simulate the macroscopic properties of liquid water and ice.

Education and Credentials
  • Postdoctoral fellow, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA
  • Diploma, Chemical Engineering, National Polytechnic University of Athens, Greece
Affiliations and Professional Service
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow (2010)
  • American Physical Society (APS) Fellow (2005)
  • Institute for Advanced Study, Technical University of Munich at Garching, Visiting Fellow (2012-present)
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellow (2011)
  • Elected member, Executive committee, American Chemical Society (ACS), Division of Physical Chemistry (2009-2012)
  • American Chemical Society (ACS) member
  • Institute for Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation for Research and Technology, Crete, Greece, adjunct member (1996-)
  • Director, NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Recent Theoretical and Experimental Advances in Hydrogen Bonded Clusters," in 1997
Awards and Recognitions
  • Director's Award for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2013)
  • Advisory Editorial Board, Chemical Physics Letters (2013-2015)
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Physical Chemistry (2012-2014)
  • Elected Member, Council of Fellows, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2009-present)
  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Award, 2009
  • "Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel" award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bonn, Germany, 2003
  • Director's Award for Outstanding Performance, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2003)
  • Presented numerous invited talks at academic institutions, research centers and international meetings
  • Fellow, American Physical Society
  • Laboratory Fellow at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2004-present)
PNNL Publications

  1. Miliordos E, and SS Xantheas. 2016. "The origin of the reactivity of the Criegee intermediate: implications for atmospheric particle growth." Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55(3):1015-1019. doi:10.1002/anie.201509685
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