Mathematical Biology Seminar



Tuesday, 02/05/2019, at 4:10 - 5:00








Metapopulation Allee effects, habitat destruction, and extinction in metacommunities




Richard Gomulkiewicz






School of Biological Sciences, WSU










Previous metapopulation models developed to examine consequences of habitat destruction and metapopulation Allee effects are biologically plausible for only small degrees of habitat destruction. For larger, realistic amounts of habitat destruction, those models fail to capture a metapopulation Allee effect. We here present a new model that allows biologically meaningful metapopulation Allee effects at all feasible levels of habitat destruction. When applied to metacommunities of competitive species that face habitat destruction, this new model shows that metapopulation Allee effects may drastically alter predictions about the fates of the competitors compared to when Allee effects are ignored. In particular, the number of extinctions increase, the times to those extinctions decrease, and the order in which the extinctions occur can change dramatically. This is joint work with Matt Labrum.