Mathematical Biology Seminar



Tuesday, 02/26/2019, at 4:10 - 5:00








Developing of a Deterministic Model for Mammal Migration

based on Physics of Fluid Flow through Porous Media



Lynn Schreyer




Department of Mathematics and Statistics, WSU










Switching to a new field is always a bit challenging. Here we discuss how a new deterministic model for mammal migration was developed by adopting a model for fluid flow through porous media. Mammal migration (or refugee movement) characteristics that have not yet been captured by current deterministic differential equations include terrain characteristics and that herds prefer to stay at an “equilibrium density” – animals (and people) prefer to be not too far nor too close to each other. To develop such a model, we started with a second-order parabolic differential equation, then modified the governing equation to a forward-backward parabolic differential equation, and currently we are using a fourth-order differential equation known as the Cahn-Hilliard equation. In this talk we go through the evolution of our model, and will discuss some of the trials and tribulations of obtaining our current model.