COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Monte J. Shaffer

Postdoctoral Researcher [Data Analytics]

Office: Neill Hall Room 317
Phone: (509) 335-9812
Course Materials: WSU webpage
Research Info: Interactive Vitae

Monte Shaffer is joining the data analytics program after significant experience in the business environment as a full-stack software engineer and a data scientist.

Monte earned his undergrad in Math/Physics and taught high school mathematics for a few years before moving to Central California and participating in the dot-com era as a software engineer. He then returned to school to get his MBA in Marketing with an emphasis on marketing research then continued his education at WSU where he got a Master's in Statistics while concurrently working on his Ph.D. in Marketing.

Monte's Ph.D. applied the eigenvector centrality measure (made famous by Google's PageRank algorithm) to the patent-citation network and performed several statistics and econometric procedures on the data to estimate the value of patent innovations. [Dissertation Link]

His dissertation was awarded a National Science Foundation grant in Small Business Innovation Research. A follow-up grant in the patent-innovation domain also received a similar NSF award where the focus was on natural language processing to build a concept-search engine for patentability search. Most recently, with NSF funding (he wrote the grant and was senior personnel on the project), he was working on electronics technology to help persons with Parkinson's Disease.

His Master's project in Statistics was to analyze nonlinear growth curves and develop a multiple-comparison to control for such nonlinear models. This project was published with his stats advisor Jan Dasgupta. [Master's Project] (On a side note, Monte was interested in and learned R before it became cool.)

Monte is returning to university to apply his 20+ years of work experience to the WSU data-analytics program.