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Lynn Schreyer

(formerly Lynn Schreyer Bennethum)
Associate Professor
Office: Neill Hall Room 225
Phone: (509) 335-3152
Fax: (509) 335-1188
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Research Interests
I am interested in mathematically modeling porous media - any material consisting of a solid and one or more other phases. In particular I enjoy modeling swelling porous materials (materials that swell due to the addition of more material, changing the concentration of ions, or the unloading of a pressure load), and porous materials with more than one fluid phase. Examples of swelling porous media include clays (very pervasive here in the Denver area!), polymers (such as drug-delivery polymers and bio-polymers), and cell membranes. To develop models I use a combination of averaging theory and thermodynamics (exploitation of the second law and manipulating independent variables to relate theory with what is measurable). PhD students have worked on modeling drug-delivery systems involving swelling polymers such as Aleve ( Tessa Weinstein and Keith Wojciechowski), the movement of cilia in lungs (Kannanut Chamsri), and transport of water through multiphase fluid porous media ( Eric Sullivan). I have also contributed in collaborative settings to modeling forest fires, upscaled reactive transport, laminar to turbulent transition of fluid flow, and refugee movement.
Publication Samples
  1. M. Addassi, L. Schreyer, B. Johannesson, and H. Lin, Pore-Scale Modeling of Vapor Transport in Partially Saturated Capillary Tube with Variable Area Using Chemical Potential, Water Resources Research, 52(9), pp. 7023-7035, 2016.
  2. K. Chamsri and L. Schreyer-Bennethum, Permeability of Fluid Flow Through a Periodic Array of Cylinders, Applied Mathematical Modeling, 39(1), pp. 244-254, 2015.
  3. K.J. Wojciechowski, J. Chen, L. Schreyer-Bennethum, and K. Sandberg Well-posedness and Numerical Solution of a Nonlinear Volterra Partial Integro-Differential Equation Modeling a Swelling Porous Media, Journal of Porous Media, 17(9), pp 763-784, 2014.
  4. L. Schreyer-Bennethum, Effective Stress for Saturated and Unsaturated Porous Media - A Differential Approach, Vadose Zone Journal, 13(5), 2014.
  5. L. S. Bennethum and J. H. Cushman. Multicomponent, Multiphase Thermodynamics of Swelling Porous Media with Electroquasistatics:  I. Macroscale Field Equations, Transport in Porous Media, 47(3), pp. 309-336, 2002.
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