Washington State University
Linear Algebra
Department of Mathematics
Instructor: Dr. Matt Hudelson
A System of Linear Equations

This applet simulates solving the system of linear equations

Your objective is to find the values of x, y, and z which solve these three equations simultaneously. There are two things you can do which will not change the solution. First, you can multiply an equation by a nonzero integer. Second, you can add an equation to another equation.

To add an equation to another equation, click on the first equation and you'll see a red copy of it appear. Drag this red copy to the target-- taking care not to hit the uninvolved equation--and their sum will replace the target equation.

To multiply a row by a number N, type in the number and it will appear in the "multiplier" field. Click on the multiplier and drag it over to the target equation and the product will replace the original equation.

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