Qatzmania Population Briefing

Welcome, Special Agent 700. You have been cleared for this assignment. As you well know, the nation of Qatzmania has an abundance of natural resources and until recently, a population which has been growing at 3% per year. Recently, the Supreme Dictator has been advocating a much higher population growth in order to increase domestic productivity and eventually to swell the ranks of his army.

Below is an outline of Qatzmania. Next to it is a vertical slider to register which year is represented and below it are horizontal sliders to adjust the current population and the rate of population growth. Readouts for the year, population and population growth rates are below the sliders. Each red dot inside Qatzmania's outline represents 10,000 people.

Qatzmania's Population

Here, we'll have a graphic outline of Qatzmania, sliders, and readouts as described above.

It is known that Qatzmania's resources can sustain a population of 25,000,000. Growth beyond this number will almost certainly trigger famine and war with Qatzmania's neighbors, which will upset the ongoing Midwest peace negotiations.

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