MATH 4/548, CPT S 4/530
Numerical Analysis Spring 2017
Dr. Alan Genz

Course Information

Time and Place
Dates: January 10 - May 4, 2017.
Times: TuTh 1:25-2:40PM. Room: Todd 125.
Name: Alan Genz; Email: alangenz AT wsu DOT edu
Office: Neill 232; office hours: MnTuTh 2:45-3:45, or by appointment.
Course Objective
The objective of the course is to teach science and engineering students how to derive and use standard numerical methods for solving mathematically posed problems from science and engineering.
Required: Numerical Analysis, T. Sauer, 2nd Ed., Pearson, 2012;
Supplemental: MATLAB Primer, T.A. Davis, 8th Ed., Chapman & Hall, 2011.
Topics Covered
The course will focus on theory and algorithms for:
  1. Intro, FP Numbers, Errors (1 week)
  2. Solution of Nonlinear Equations (2 weeks)
  3. Solution of Linear Systems (3 weeks)
  4. Interpolation (3 weeks)
  5. Least Squares Approximation (1 week)
  6. Numerical Differentiation and Integration (2 weeks)
  7. Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations (2 weeks)
For details, see the course schedule.
The course grades will be based on:
  1. text assignments (approx. one per week, total 30%);
  2. two midterm exams, February 21 and April 6, in class (total 40%);
  3. comprehensive final exam, Thursday May 4, 1-3PM (30%).
Students can check current scores and estimated grades via the Math Department MyMath Math Portal, linked from the main class website; after login, follow the "Info" link.

See the course schedule for more details about the assignments. For full credti, work handed in should show the steps that you used to complete the assignment, including computer code, if needed. All class work that you submit for grading should have been completed by you. Reduced credit will be given if you submit assigned work for grading and there is strong evidence that you copied another student's work.

All students in the class are encouraged to use the course information available at "".
Computing is an essential part of the course and some of the assignments will require computer programming work. Completion of these computing assignments is necessary for receiving a good course grade. I strongly recommend using the MATLAB software. There is a brief introduction to MATLAB provided in the text, and the supplementary text provides more detailed MATLAB information. Limited access to Matlab is provided at the MyMath Math Portal website; after login, follow the "Software" link.
Disability Accomodations
Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. If you have a disability and might need accommodations to fully participate in this class, please visit the Access Center (Washington Bldg, Room 217, 335-3417). All accommodations MUST be approved through the Access Center.