Dr. Alan Genz

Class Information

Time and Place
Date: 15 weeks, January 11 - April 29, 2016
Time and Place: 9:10-10:25 AM TuTh, Fulmer 150
Name: Alan Genz; Email: alangenz AT wsu DOT edu
Office: Neill 232; Office hours: 10:30-11:45 TuTh, or by appointment.
Current Text
Introduction to Mathematical Programming and Game Theory by P. Thie and G. Keough, Third Edition (Wiley, 2008).
Text Coverage
Chapters 1-7. For more details, see the course schedule.
The course grades will be based on weekly textwork assignments 30% (with lowest textwork score dropped),
two midterm examinations 40%, and a comprehensive final examination 30%.
Please note the following regarding the examinations. Cheating on exams will not be tolerated; evidence of cheating will result in a "0" for that exam.
The approximate grading scale for Math 364 will be (0-59)F, (60-65)D, (66-68)D+,
(69-71)C-, (72-75)C, (76-78)C+, (79-81)B-, (82-85)B, (86-88)B+, (89-91)A-, (92-100)A.
An average score in one of the intervals will result in a grade at least as high as the associated grade, but
final grades may be determined by curving with lower breakpoints. You can check your current scores and estimated grade via the Math Department MyMath Math Portal, linked from the main class website (after login, use "Goto" to follow the "Info" link).
Homework will be assigned every day and will usually be due on Tuesdays (see Schedule for details). Late work is NOT accepted. Make sure that you start working on the homework as soon as possible. If you have difficulties, you should contact the instructor. In order to get credit for the assigned homework problems, detailed solutions, showing intermediate steps, must be provided by you. All class work that you submit for grading should have been completed by you. Reduced credit will be given if you submit assigned work for grading and there is strong evidence that you copied another student's work.

Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. If you need a disability accommodation to fully participate in this class, please visit the Access Center (Washington Bldg, Room 217, 335-3417). All accommodations MUST be Access Center approved.

WSU Safety Measures: WSU is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its faculty, staff, and students. Please visit and to access the Campus Safety Plan and emergency information. Other information about emergencies can be found at the WSU Alert Site (

There is a Website for the course materials. All students in the class are encouraged to use the course information available at