Information for Math 140
Life Sciences Calculus
Fall 2015, Dr. Genz

Catalog Information
Math 140, Calculus for Life Scientists, 4 credits (3-3). Prereq Math 106 and Math 108 with C or better, or satisfactory math placement score.
Differential and integral calculus with emphasis on life science applications.
Times and Places
Lectures 2:10 - 3:00 PM MWF, Abel 201;
Lab/Tutorial Section 1 7:45AM- 9:00AM Wed Todd 204, Fri Neill 101W;
Lab/Tutorial Section 2 11:10AM-12:25PM Wed Fulm 150, Fri Neill 101W;
Lab/Tutorial Section 3 2:50PM- 4:05PM Tue Fulm 150, Thu Neill 101W;
Lab/Tutorial Section 4 4:15PM- 5:30PM Tue Todd 204, Thu Neill 101W.
Alan Genz; email: alangenz AT; office hours: MWF 3-4 Neill 232, or by appointment.
Tutoring and Computer Help
Successful students make use of available resources, so do not struggle when FREE tutoring is available.
For more details see: .
Teaching Assistants
Current Text
Calculus for the Life Sciences, S. Schreiber, K. Smith and W. Getz, Wiley, 2014. Cheaper custom edition available from the bookstore.
Text Coverage Chapters 2-6 (see the Math 140 Schedule for details at
The course grades will be based on three midterm examinations 45%, a comprehensive final examination 30%, and weekly
assignments 25% (9% WileyPlus(online) +12% textwork +4% for tutorial/lab attendances, with lowest assignment score dropped).
Please note the following. Cheating on exams will not be tolerated; evidence of cheating will result in a "0" for that exam.
The approximate grading scale for Math 140 will be (0-55)F, (56-59)D, (60-63)D+, (64-67)C-,
  (68-71)C, (72-75)C+, (76-79)B-, (80-83)B, (84-87)B+, (88-91)A-, (92-100)A.
Students can check current scores and estimated grades using MyMath at, also linked from the main class website.
After login, use "Goto" to follow the "Info" link.
Textwork and Labwork
Problems from the textbook will be assigned every day (see Math 140 Schedule for details) and all work assigned each week should be handed in at your first (Tues or Wed) Lab/Tutorial class the following week. WileyPlus problems will be assigned every week and will be due Wednesday of the following week (exact deadlines available online). Late work is NOT accepted. Make sure that you start working on the problems as soon as possible. It is very important that you practice the methods discussed in class and in the textbook by doing the assigned work. If you have difficulties, you should contact the instructor, ask the teaching assistant at one of the lab/tutorial classes, or visit the Math Learning Center. In order to get credit for the assigned textwork problems, detailed solutions, showing intermediate steps, must be provided by you. Some of the problems will require computer work which can be completed using Matlab. Teaching assistants will provide help with this labwork during the weekly computer lab sessions. Access to Matlab is provided at the MyMath Math Portal website; after login, follow the "Software" link. Each week, several problems will be designated (see detailed schedule) as technical writing focus problems. For these problems, students must write the solutions in paragraphs containing complete descriptive sentences for the steps in the solution process. These paragraphs should follow the style that the textbook author uses for the description of solutions to example problems. All class work that you submit for grading should have been completed by you. Reduced credit will be given if you submit work for grading and there is strong evidence that you copied another student's work.

Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. If you have a disability and might need accommodations to fully participate in this class, please visit the Access Center (Washington Bldg, Room 217, 335-3417). All accommodations MUST be Access Center approved.

WSU Safety Measures: WSU is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its faculty, staff, and students. Please visit and to access the Campus Safety Plan and emergency information. Other information about emergencies can be found at the WSU Alert Site (

There is a Website for the course materials. All students in the class are encouraged to use the course information available at "".