Mt Rainier, Fall 2004

I climbed Mt Rainier via Disappointment Cleaver on Sept 25-26 weekend with RMI guides.
Apart from making it easier to summit and get back safe, I felt that going with the guides gave me
an opportunity to observe some mountaineering pros in action, and to learn quite a bit from them.
Below are a few pictures from this trip (and from my previous visit(s) to Mt Rainier when I tried
going up to Camp Muir).

Plume above Nisqually glacier (as seen from near Anvil rock).

Clouds on the valley (looking from Camp Muir). Mt Adams is seen in the background.

I stayed in the cozy cabin reserved for RMI customers (what luxury!!). Next time, I'll make camp like the others!

Rob (foreground) and Ryan - two of the RMI guides during a break on the way up.
A sea of clouds with Mt Adams is seen behind.

A view of the summit crater from the summit.

Rob (guide) and Ben going around a crevasse.

Rob (guide) getting ready to cross the snow bridge over a huge crevasse. Little Tahoma is seen in the background.

HUGE crevasses below the Disappointment Cleaver.

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