Network Optimization - Math 466/566

Math 566  - Network Optimization

Course Overview
This course will provide an integrated view of the theory, algorithms, and the applications of key network optimization problems including the shortest path problem, the maximum flow problem, the minimum cost flow problem, the minimum spanning tree problem, and matching problems. Most of the arguments will be presented from first principles, and we will adopt a network or graphical view point. Previous knowledge of linear optimization will not be required. Emphasis will be on powerful algorithm strategies, rigorous analysis of the algorithms, and data structures for their implementation. Apart from problems involving proofs (in homework and the midterm exam), the student will be produce simple implementations of some of the algorithms (using Octave/Matlab or Python, or a similar package/language).

Syllabus and Schedule  


Wed, Sep 12: Office hour today will be only on Skype.
Tue, Sep 18: Office hour today will be 3–4 PM.
Wed, Sep 19: Office hour today will be 9–10:30 AM.

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