Introduction to Analysis I [M]

Math 401 [M]: Introduction to Analysis I

Course Description

This course offers an introduction to real analysis at the senior undergraduate level. Real analysis is a continuation of calculus, and many of the concepts we introduce in this class should be familiar from calculus, e.g., functions, continuity, convergence, etc. But we will introduce these concepts in new, more abstract, contexts. The biggest change from calculus to real analysis is a shift in emphasis from calculations to formal arguments.

We will cover Chapters 1--4 from the book Lindstrøm: Spaces An Introduction to Real Analysis. Topics covered include preliminaries (proofs, sets, functions, etc.), completeness, basics of metric spaces, convergence, compactness, and spaces of continuous functions. Emphasis will squarely be on constructing sound mathematical arguments, i.e., proofs.



Mon, Aug 19: Class to meet in Terrell 24 (Pullman) and VECS 122 (Vancouver)
Thu, Sep 12: Office hour today will be from 4–5 PM.
Mon, Sep 16: This week's (Sep 17, 19) lectures will be taught from Pullman.

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